Bespoke Handmade Memorial Jewellery



Bespoke Memorial Jewellery is such a symbolic and personal piece of handmade jewellery to own.  What we love most about our job, is the ability to help design & hand make a unique piece of symbolic jewellery for a customer to cherish and draw comfort from. Remembrance jewellery, handmade in honour of a loved one is such a special and unique way to remember someone and commemorate their life.


Our bespoke service allows our customer to design their own memorial jewellery, which we can help develop into a unique and personal piece of bespoke memorial jewellery, designed and handmade from our UK workshop based in County Durham, England.


Each piece of memorial jewellery we make by hand, is tailor-made to your specifications, creating a beautiful bespoke memento for you to honor your loved one.


We do not work in isolation, at each stage of production we will supply you with behind the scene photos and snap shots of the making process, to enable you to watch the development of your jewellery from design to the finished article.


Here is a custom order for a pair of 9ct yellow gold chunky halos, engraved with a truly personal message, quote, dates and family initials.  It’s a privilege to hand make such a unique and personal piece of symbolic memorial jewellery. We are currently developing our own collection of memorial jewellery. Our memorial jewellery aims to incorporate sentiments of love and loss to commemorate family and friends.


If you have an idea you would like us to develop, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help, creating a truly unique piece of handmade jewellery, offering an alternative to the often impersonal approach often found on the highstreet.


To have something designed and handmade just for you which is truly unique is very special. It is often possible to incorporate inherited stones and use sentimental gold, which you may have and turn this into a new contemporary piece of jewellery, personal messages can also be engraved on the jewellery, so the piece becomes totally individual and bespoke.




Customer Feedback: Really delighted with my beautiful necklaces. We were in constant discussion throughout the design and production of these which was just what I needed; they were going to be worn every day either separately or together. Updates, work in progress and feedback were sent to me regularly; there were to be no surprises with the finished result….except there was as they were even more gorgeous in real life! Thank you so much.