Little Star

At LuLu & Charles, our jewellery re-modelling service has incresed in popularity since opening in 2014. Jointly our skills can take on your brief and transform an idea, photo, sketch, or dream into reality. In addition, an unwanted jewellery, precious or semi-precious stones or metal from existing jewellery, can be used to create a completely new piece of jewellery.  At all stages of design and manufacture you will be kept involved, ensuring the end result is exactly what you want.


9ct Gold Star Necklace, handmade using customers own sentimental gold jewellery, handmade by Lulu & Charles Jewellery Two Sterling Silver graduated hearts, personalised with initials, handmade by Lulu & Charles JewelleryTwo Sterling Silver graduated hearts, personalised with initials & 9ct yellow gold star necklace handmade by Lulu & Charles Jewellery


This interchangeable personalised necklace was commissioned by a customer, who decided to have a small piece of sentimental jewellery, once belonging to her grandmother, remodelled into a small gold star.  Angela liked the idea of recycling her grandmothers old gold signet ring, with sentimental value. We remodelled the gold jewellery, by melting the ring down with a little extra gold, which formed a small gold nugget, using a hammer to flatten then rolled out using the rolling mill. Once the gold was rolled to the correct size, using a small stencil of a 5 point star, we cut the star by hand, using a piercing saw.  To create a new piece of jewellery, which could be worn daily and also act as a piece of remembrance jewellery, alongside two graduated silver hearts, personalised with the first initials of Angela’s two children.


Handmade Bespoke Jewellery by LuLu & Charles Jewellery, Handmade Jewellery UK, using customers old gold.

Angela was so impressed with the final outcome, she kindly wrote a blog about us… which you can read here

If you like the idea of having some sentimental gold remodelled, we’d love to hear from you. We don’t work in isolation, this is your jewellery and we’ll keep you in the loop at each and every step of it’s creation, right through design and production in our fully equipped design studio and workshop.