9ct Rose Gold Mother & Daughter Necklace Set

We specialise in remodeling old jewellery, which you may have lying unworn or broken in your jewellery box. Sentimental gold can always be recycled into something new, breathing new life into something old.

This beautiful bespoke order was commissioned by a customer wishing to remodel some old unworn jewellery, which was never worn but still held sentimental value.

Once a rose gold chain, we melted the gold down to hand make this 9ct rose gold mother & daughter charm-style necklace set, designed and handmade in-house at LuLu & Charles Jewellery. With two separate pendant elements, including a handmade 9ct Rose Gold butterfly pendant with a highly polished finish and interconnecting hammered heart pendant.

The smaller heart was cut from the mothers heart, symbolising a everlasting love and an unbreakable bond between a mother & daughter.

9ct rose gold mother & daughter charm style necklace sets, with 9ct rose gold butterfly charm & hammered interlocking heart pendant, remodelled from customers old gold