Modern Memorial Jewellery: Handmade Personalised Angel Wing Necklace

In Victorian times many people commemorated their loved ones with ‘Mourning Jewellery’ and although we’ve come a long way since the Victorian Era, the desire to mark the loss of a loved one has never aged.  Owning a tangible piece of handmade memorial jewellery can offer solace at a difficult time.

Handmade Sterling silver personalised angel wing necklace, handmade contemporary memorial jewellery uk, by lulu charles jewellery, bespoke handmade jewellery uk

“A Beautiful Soul is Never Forgotten”… Two handmade silver angel wing necklaces, personalised with a name and personal quote.

Handmade for a mother & daughter, in loving memory of Amy.

Handmade silver personalised angel wing necklace, contemporary memorial jewellery uk, bespoke handmade jewellery uk by lulu charles jewellery

Remembrance jewellery, handmade in honour of a loved one is such a special and unique way to remember someone and commemorate their life, love & happy memories shared.

What we love most about our job is the ability to help design & hand make a unique piece of symbolic keepsake jewellery for the wearer to cherish and draw comfort from when needed.

If you have an idea you would like us to develop, or would like to discuss a personalised angel wing necklace in memory of someone special please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help, creating a truly unique piece of handmade jewellery, and personal service to match.

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