Handmade Sterling Silver Hypomobility EDS Ring

This commission for a bespoke handmade Sterling Silver Ring Splint came from a customer who suffers from Hypomobility Syndrome, also known as EDS Hypomobility. Maria suffers from extreme hypomibility in both hands, which causes pain and joints to dislocate easily. With the aid of special ring splints Maria has more finger stability and alignment for better hand function, which reduces the swelling and pain this condition can cause.

Unfortunately the majority of ring splints are produced from plastic or stainless steel. Maria wanted a design that was both functional, contemporary & beautiful, handmade in Sterling Silver to suit her style & personality.

Here we have a second blog post for a 9ct Gold & Silver EDS Ring, incorporating a sentimental gold ring.

Handmade Sterling Silver hypo mobility EDS Ring Splint, handmade by Lulu & Charles Jewellery UK

This is the first handmade sterling silver ring splint we have made, once they are all complete we intend on making them more personal to suit Maria’s taste, embellishing each ring with gemstones or dainty hand cut silver symbols, including moon’s and stars. We aim to create handmade sterling silver splints that provide the support of a medical splint but are also beautiful pieces of jewellery in their own right.  Creating a personal design, which will help the wearer from being self conscious about the appearance of her hands.

Handmade Bespoke Handmade Sterling Silver Hypomobility rings, Bespoke Handmade Sterling Silver Eds Ring Splints Newcastle, County Durham, Northeast England, uk by Lulu & Charles Jewellery

Unfortunately we no longer make bespoke EDS Rings, due to the amount of time it takes and the adjustments they often require.