Two Handmade 9ct Gold Heart Pendants, with polished & hammered finish.

We specialise in remodelling old gold jewellery, which you may have lying unworn or broken in your jewellery box. Sentimental gold can always be recycled into something new, breathing new life into something old… is what we do best.

This pair of two gold heart pendants were commissioned by a customer wishing to remodel some damaged and unworn sentimental gold jewellery into two handmade matching 9ct gold chunky heart pendants. One side of the hearts were given a highly polished finish while the other sides were given a hammered finish, using a ball pein hammer.

A hammered or textured effect on a precious metal surface is one of my personal favorites for adding a unique dimension to a piece of handmade jewellery and can transform a simple design. A Hammered texture also adds extra shine to silver & gold as it reflects light of the surface at different angles. This effect is achieved simply by hammering the surface of the metal with a ball pein hammer to create a soft ripple effect.

Handmade from our county Durham based workshop.

two matching handmade 9ct gold chunky heart pendants, highly polished one side & hammer finished the other