Engraved 9ct Gold Heart Charm

Here at LuLu & Charles Jewellery, we can transform your old gold and make it into something beautiful retaining all of the sentimental value it may hold.

As a husband & wife team we specialize in reviving old unworn jewellery into something new and beautiful. We can redesign and remodel any old jewellery that may be worn, tired or possibly hold great sentimental value, into a modern, beautiful and practical contemporary piece of handmade jewellery, that can be worn all the time.

With a background in design we can assist with design ideas and suggestions, to aid the best way to remodel your jewellery into something special, tailor made, just for you!  Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s the perfect bespoke gift for someone special or something for yourself, we are always happy to help.

This commission was brought to us by Steph, who loved the idea of having her sentimental gold jewellery remodeled into a heart pendant, engraved ‘Love’ as a special gift to her grandmother. The jewellery held huge sentimental meaning to Steph & her Grandmother… Steph came to us with a design in mind & here we have it, a chunky heart pendant, beautifully laser engraved.


Handmade 9ct gold Heart Pendant, remodelled from customers sentimental gold jewellery, by lulu and charles jewellery uk