Handmade Sterling Silver Personalised Paw Print Cufflinks

At LuLu & Charles Jewellery, the demand for our bespoke & handmade personalised jewellery has grown, given the intense bond most of us share with our pets, we have slowly but surely developed our own range of Personalised Paw Print Jewellery,  personalised with a miniaturised version of your very own pet’s paw print.  We can take the paw print of your cat or dog and impress or engrave the print into sterling silver or gold.

We can even create a 3D replica of your pet’s paw print, as shown below on this recent commission for a pair of gents sterling silver cufflinks,

personalised with paw prints, traced from the owners pooch, from an adorable Springer Spaniel called wee Mac.

Handmade Sterling Silver Personalised Pet memorial jewellery by lulu and charles jewellery uk

We can use prints that you already may have or we can supply you with an inkless printing kit, to help take your pet’s paw prints with easy and mess free. The perfect gift for any pet lover, as a gift or as a personal keepsake.

Our personalised pet jewellery can also be worn as a unique piece of quality pet memorial jewellery, given the intense bond most of us share with our pets, it’s natural to feel devastated by feelings of grief and sadness when a pet dies. If you have a pet that has sadly passed away, bespoke or personalised pet memorial jewellery can be a touching way to remember your beloved pet.

Handmade Personalised Sterling Silver Dog paw print cufflinks, paw print jewellery range by lulu & charles jewellery northeast uk.

Handmade Personalised pet memorial jewellery, by lulu and charles jewellery