Remodelled 18ct Gold Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Stacker Band

A recent remodel for an 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring, 18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Stacker Ring & 22ct Brushed Finish Stacker Ring. Handmade using sentimental gold passed down in th family.

Handmade 18ct yellow gold diamond engagement ring and wedding stacker ring by lulu & charles jewellery, county durham UK.

Handmade 18ct Diamond engagement ring and wedding stacker band UK, Handmade Remodelled Wedding Bands by LuLu & Charles Jewellery

When looking at re-modelling your jewellery, you can choose a style from an existing LuLu & Charles design or work with us on commissioning a piece of jewellery that is totally bespoke to you. Whether it be a ring, pendant or earrings, we can breathe new life into your beloved jewellery and create something that is truly special and individual, handmade just for you!