Handmade 9ct Gold Stars personalised with loved ones handwriting



Here at LuLu & Charles Jewellery, we can take your old sentimental gold jewellery and  transform it into something beautiful retaining all of the sentimental value & memories it may hold.

As a family team we specialize in reviving old unworn jewellery into something new and beautiful. We can redesign and remodel any old jewellery that may be worn or possibly hold great sentimental value, into a modern, beautiful and practical contemporary piece of handmade memorial jewellery, that can be worn all the time.

With a background in design we can assist with design ideas and make suggestions, to ensure we remodel your jewellery into something personal & specia, just for you!  Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s the perfect bespoke gift for someone special or something for yourself, we are always happy to help.

This commission was brought to us by Laura, who loved the idea of remodelling some sentimental gold jewellery, which once belonged to Lauras late grandmother, as a 30th gift for Laura’s sister Jennie. Naturally the gold jewellery held huge sentimental meaning to the family, so this was the perfect gift.  Laura decided on a layered star necklace, beautifully laser engraved with Granny’s handwriting & set with a small diamond, belonging to Laura’s grandmother.





Laura’s words: I wanted something very special for my little sister’s 30th birthday. Having lost a very special grandma in October I decided to get some of her jewellery made into a very pendant for her. I can’t praise Jayne enough for everything she did, it was so hard to find the right thing for my sister but with Jaynes help, patientice and very professional assistance the perfect product was created. I would highly recommend LuLu & Charles xx


Jennies words:  I adore my necklace, I literally wear it as much as possible. It is the perfect present for me, made even more special by having my granny’s handwriting engraved on it.  Everybody comments on what a lovely necklace it is, thank you! x