Handmade 18ct Gold EDS Ring

This commission for a bespoke handmade Sterling Silver & 18ct Gold Ring Splint, with a twist design came from a customer who suffers from Hypomobility Syndrome, also known as EDS Hypomobility. Mike suffers from hypomobility in his little finger, which causes the joint to move involuntary while he plays the cello.

With the aid of this handmade silver & gold ring splint, Mike has more finger stability and alignment for better hand function, which reduces the swelling and pain this condition can cause.

Unfortunately the majority of ring splints are produced from bulky plastic or stainless steel, mass produced in the United States.

Mike wanted a design that was both functional and more streamline, made to measure for him, incorporating a sentimental gold wedding band, belonging to Mikes dad.


We aim to create handmade sterling silver or 9ct gold EDS splints that provide the support but are also beautiful pieces of jewellery in their own right.

Creating a personal design which will help the wearer from being self conscious about the appearance of their hands.

We’re happy to hear Mike in now playing the cello happily with the aid of this ring.

Unfortunately we no longer make bespoke EDS Rings, due to the amount of time it takes and the adjustments they often require.