Lucky Four Leaf Clover Jewellery

Around the world the four-leaf clover is a universal symbol of good luck, offering magical protection against evil spirits and to ward off bad luck. 

Our lucky sterling silver four leaf clover charm is symbolic of good luck & good fortune. This is the start of a new collection for us, inspired by traditional lucky charms & talismans.

According to Irish folklore, the four leaves of a four-leaf clover are said to stand for hope, faith, love & luck. While others suggest fame, wealth, love and health.  For centuries this auspicious lucky symbol has been said to protect against evil or harm and bring good fortune. So, we can only imagine that wearing one brings double the luck!

According to Celtic folklore it is claimed that people who wear a four-leaf clover are able to see fairies….


Historically, It was believed that a four leaf clover could break the power of illusions.  It was also used as an ingredient for fairy ointment, that granted sight of the supernatural.  The bearer of a four-leaf clover could not be tricked or swindled because the clover grants the ability to see and know the truth.

This good luck necklace is the perfect gift for loved ones, family and friends, presented as a token of good luck, perfect for a graduation gift or for a daughter leaving home for the first time, starting university or a new job.  A  gift with meaning, worn as good luck charm, because nobody can never have enough good luck.