Recent Remodels

Remodelling jewellery has never been so popular, it could be jewellery that you no longer wear or perhaps you have inherited some jewellery that you’d like to re-design, in memory of a special loved one.  Remodelling jewellery is the perfect way to transform something old into something new, jewellery you will cherish and you will wear everyday.


The first step to start the remodelling process is to book an appointment with us and bring along any old gold jewellery you might have.

Please don’t worry if you’re not sure what you have is suitable for remodelling or not, just bring everything along and we’ll be able to go through this for you and give you some options.

Weather you have piles of old and broken jewellery or some gemstones that you’ve always wanted to do something with, we can help you find the perfect design to make the best use of what you have.

Once we have discussed your ideas, we will draw up some designs for you to choose from and once a design has been selected, we will then supply an non-obligation quote.


Remodelling old jewellery, really is one our favourite things to do, and its always such a privilege. We love making special keepsakes that immortalise your treasured memories.

If you like the idea of a custom piece of jewellery handmade, from your own gold, designed to represent happy memories, we’d be happy to help.

During the remodelling process we like to send out customers photos direct from our workshop, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.


Here we have some recent remodels we’ve had the pleasure of making, remodelled from sentimental gold.