Handmade 9ct Yellow Gold Infinity Symbol, on Sterling Silver Double Bracelet

Handmade 9ct Yellow Gold Infinity Symbol, on Sterling Silver Double Bracelet

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Product Description

The infinity symbol is a never ending loop, representing infinite possibilities, eternity, empowerment and everlasting love. This powerful little symbol has been used for centuries and can be traced back to the seventeenth century, associated with Greek philosophers and mathematicians.

More recently the infinity symbol has been associated with yoga, as there is no beginning or end, worn as a reminder that just like the universe everything is evolving and in constant motion. 

The infinity symbol is also the symbol used to represent Neurodiversity and gold is the accepted colour for Autism, due to the fact Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au. This piece can be worn to promote Neurodiversity 'going for gold' and the idea of endless possibilities which resonate through this symbol. Autistic UK and the North East Autism Society, plus many other organisations and advocates have banded together to support 'going for gold' for Autism Acceptance, including a friend & local campaigner Kieran Rose, also know as the Autistic Advocate.

Kieran, who was the first to commission this design for his wife Michelle has been making ripples, not just locally but nationally, standing up for Autistic people and their families, changing perceptions and making the world a better place!  In support of Kieran's cause, we will be donating £5 from each sale to the Autistic Advocate to fund this brilliant local social enterprise.  Through funding, Infinite Autism offers workshops, training and mentoring support for Parents and family members of Autistic children and adults, offering pre-diagnostic and post-diagnostic support and positive education, signposting to positive, supportive services and overall offering knowledge, understanding, enablement and empowerment.

Our handmade infinity bracelet is handmade from solid 9ct yellow gold and hung from a solid sterling silver double trace chain. The 9ct solid gold infinity symbol is available in a variety of finishes, Matt (Satin), Highly polished or Hammered.

Each piece of jewellery you wear, should say something about your style and the personal path you are on... Although some pieces carry a much stronger, symbolic meaning. This pretty symbolic piece of jewellery does just that, whatever it may represents to you.
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