Handmade Sterling Silver Amethyst Pendants

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Two beautiful handmade Sterling Silver & Amethyst Pendants, handmade for a regular customer, heading off to Sri Lanka as special gifts for special friends! 


Each bespoke order we create is designed and created to order just for you, to suit your budget & style. 


Here at LuLu & Chalres Jewellery we undertake design commissions from individuals, corporates and groups seeking unique pieces of handmade jewellery, including bespoke handmade birthstone jewellery. 


Our handmade jewellery can be specially designed and created for a loved one or yourself, for a company or a special cause.


Amythest gemstones, the birthstone for Feburary are often worn as a symbol of spiritual growth and protection. This beautiful purple stone is also known to bring clarity of the mind to it's owner.  A spritural gemstone which can bring calmness, inner peace and is thought to highten your natural intuition, containing many healing powers.


Two beautiful matching handmade Sterling Silver & Amethyst Pendants, handmade by LuLu & Charles Jewellery, County Durham uk

Beautiful handmade Sterling Silver & Amethyst Necklace, handmade by lulu & charles jewellery, bespoke handmade jewellery for all occasions.

Beautiful contemporary handmade Sterling Silver & Amethyst Necklace, by lulu & charles handmade silver jewellery uk

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