Large Handmade Sterling Silver Bumble Bee Pendant


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Each individual component of this Silver Bumble Bee has been carefully handmade & soldered in sterling silver.  This statement necklace is a complete one-off, making it a unique piece of handmade Silver jewellery.

The body was hand forged using traditional hand tools & silversmith techniques, while the wings have been etched to highlight the wing veins of this incredible insect.

The British Bumble Bee is a symbol of hard work and production, the bee also acts as a reminded to slow down, to smell the flowers and taste the sweet nectar of life. The Queen Bee is symbolic of the supremacy of the female, hard working and strong family values. Making this beautiful handmade necklace an ideal gift for bee lovers or symbolic to the Queen Bee in your life.

The handmade silver bee measures 29mm by 27mm including the runner and is available on a chain length to suit you best.

This piece of handmade jewellery is IN STOCK & ready for immediate dispatch.

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