Sterling Silver Swallow Charm & Personalised Heart Necklace


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Our pretty dainty Swallow charm necklace is handmade in sterling silver. Inspired by vintage tattoos, this is a beautiful handmade piece of highly polished jewellery, hung from a diamond cut trace chain, together with a handmade silver personalised initial heart. Each pendant can be worn individually or layered together.

Historically, the swallow is a symbol used by sailors to show off their sailing experience. Seeing swallows was a sign that their travels were nearing an end.  And as these birds never travelled far out to sea, their sighting meant that land was near and their long voyage was almost over.

Today the swallow has many symbolic meanings, representing freedom, care and affection or everlasting love towards family and friends, related to the fact that swallows mate for life.

This little bird can also represent a symbol of hope, to someone who has sadly lost a loved one, but its also a symbol of travel and freedom.

Our handmade silver swallow & silver heart necklace is the perfect gift for loved ones and family friends, a token of love or loss, which could represent a journey, a new chapter in life, perfect as a graduation gift or for a daughter leaving home for the first time. A gift with great meaning, worn as a sentimental reminder that they are forever loved.

The silver heart comes personalised with a single initial, in a font style to suit your personal taste.

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