Stackable Birthday Stacking Ring Collection, Handmade in Sterling Silver.


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This beautiful collection of handmade sterling silver stacking rings, consists of a gorgeous selection of four individual rings with assorted textures.

Birthstone jewellery is believed to hold special spiritual meaning, bringing good luck and good fortune to the wearer. Adding a symbolic touch to your personal jewellery collection.

Our birthday stacking rings are the perfect combination, when just one ring isn’t enough…. this set includes: one beaded wire ring, one bark bling finish ring, one rope twist ring and a highly polished flush-set birth stone ring, each hand-crafted ring comes polished to perfection.

This set, comes with a dainty round brilliant cut synthetic stone, to replicate your birthstone. Here is a list of the colours & meaning behind your chosen birthstone.

January: Red Garnet / Protection

February: Amethyst Purple / Wisdom

March: Aqua Blue Aquamarine / Serenity

April: Clear cubic zirconia /Strength

May: Emerald Green / Hope

June: Purple Alexandrite / Love

July: Ruby Red / Vitality

August: Lime Green Peridot / Beauty

September: Blue Sapphire / Truth

October: Pink Tourmaline / Healing

November: Citrine Yellow / Joy

December: Swiss Blue Topaz / Peace

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April: Cubic Zirconia, April: Synthetic Emerald, December : Blue Topaz , February : Amethyst, January : Garnet, July: Synthetic Ruby, June: Synthetic Alexandrite, March: Aquamarine, May: Synthetic Emerald, November : Citrine, October: Pink Tourmaline, September: Synthetic Sapphire, Without Stone