At LuLu & Charles Jewellery our handmade collection of memorial jewellery contains a beautiful example of non traditional memorial jewellery available in both silver & gold, designed and handmade for those who have experienced the sad loss of a loved one. We aim to create beautiful and unique heirloom quality pieces of jewellery to help the wearer feel connected to the one they have lost, a tangible piece of quality memorial jewellery to hold close at times of grief, incorporating sentiments of love and loss to commemorate dear family and friends.We are honoured to do what we do, this is not just a ‘job’ for us, it is our dream and our mission to create jewellery with true meaning, we love how jewellery that has the ability to make someone’s day a little brighter or a little easier.  As a family jewellers it’s important to us that our jewellery holds symbolic meaning and each piece of memorial jewellery we make holds personal meaning for the wearer.If you have some existing or sentimental jewellery that has been handed down or left to you, we can remodel any precious metal and gemstones to re-create a completely new piece of jewellery. If you like the idea of remodelling a piece of sentimental jewellery please get in-touch HERE. Our remodelling gallery shows a small selection of ideas, however the possibilities are endless.

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