Why buy Handmade Jewellery?

Why buy Handmade Jewellery?


The marketplace is flooded with products which claim to be handmade, when in fact they are generally hand assembled using mass produced components.


With pride, I love the fact all our jewellery here at LuLu & Charles Jewellery is hand made, to clarify made by ‘our’ hands, from start to finish.  Each piece of jewellery is carefully sawed, carved, shaped, filed and soldered, using specialist hand tools of the trade, without the use of heavy manufacturing machinery.


A machine can churn out hundreds of pieces of jewellery per hour, while naturally a trained pair of hands can only produce a mere fraction of that.


So when buying handmade, you are investing in a hand manufactured piece of jewellery, which has been produced by skilled hands with time, love, care and attention, not just by an artist but a craftsman who takes pride in what they do.


Supporting something so much bigger and better than a mass produced product, which are two a penny (like my grandmother used to say). So the next time you are considering a piece of jewellery as a gift or for even for yourself, choose handmade…it’s far more magical!


Handmade Bespoke Jewellery by LuLu & Charles, behind the scenes.Handmade Bespoke Jewellery by LuLu & Charles, behind the scenes.