Handmade 9ct Gold and Blue Topaz Evil Eye Necklace

When my grandad passed away, he left me some old jewellery. The jewellery was very worn and damaged beyond repair. However this small amount of gold was of great sentimental worth, so I decided to remodel the gold and create something new, which I could wear everyday, to remind me of my grandparents.


I decided to make an evil eye, as a symbol of good luck, believed to reflect evil, protecting it’s wearer against misfortune.  I now have a symbolic and  unique piece of jewellery, with hidden sentimental value which I wear as a lucky talisman, reminding me of my Grandad everyday. It feels special to me!


If you have an idea and some old jewellery you would like us to remodel, please get in touch HERE and we’d be happy to design something special, symbolic to you.


the making process of our handmade 9ct gold and blue topaz evil eye necklace, handmade by LuLu & Charles Jewellery

Handmade 9ct gold & blue topaz evil eye pendant, made to order by Lulu & Charles Jewellery