Sterling Silver & 9ct Gold Meditation Spinner Ring with Fingerprints.

It’s becoming more and more popular to have old gold jewellery remodelled and redesigned. Here at LuLu & Charles Jewellery we will take your old jewellery and melt it down, reusing the precious metal and any gemstones in a new handcrafted jewellery design.  Keeping the sentimental value of the original gold in a new piece of handmade bespoke jewellery, suited to your personal taste, style and requirements.

Cherri came to us with her wedding band and engagement ring, with the idea of remodelling the gold and diamonds, along with some sentimental silver to create a wearable piece of bespoke handmade jewellery to reflect Cherri’s personality & style. Cherri runs her own business called Tocco Therapy, providing inclusive tailor made Massage, Reiki and Guided meditation sessions for children of all ages and abilities, including children with additional needs and disabilities.

With this in mind, Cherri wanted a tactile ring that suited her personality, inline with Cherri’s vocation, symbolic of love and her family. After much thought Cherri decided on a handmade Sterling Silver meditation ring, personalised with her children’s finger prints.  We remodelled Cherri’s 9ct white gold band & 9ct yellow gold band to hand make spinner stacking rings, set with Cherri’s original diamonds. Here is the result… A unique matt finish Handmade Sterling Silver Mediation Ring personalised with fingerprints, with Yellow Gold, White Gold & textured Sterling Silver spinner rings.

Before & After photos of jewellery remodelling service by Lulu & Charles Jewellery, handmade bespoke jewellery county durham, newcastle upon tyne.

Meditation Rings are traditionally based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels. The practice of turning the prayer wheel helps increase good karma and purify negative thoughts. Originally designed to have one or several outer bands that the wearer can physically spin around the ring, believed to bring the wearer good luck and good fortune, installing a sense of serenity and a peaceful state of mind.

This is a unique and completely personal piece of handmade jewellery…Sentimental, beautiful and interactive.

handmade sterling silver & gold meditation ring by Lulu & Charles Jewellery, Newcastle Tyne & Wear, County Durham England. Remodelled gold jewellery uk.

Customer’s Voice: I had my wedding, engagement and another ring remodelled to make a fantastic new personalised one (which also included my children’s prints!). Both Jayne and Ash took on board all of my ideas and came up with something far better than I could ever have imagined.  I’m thrilled and totally over the moon. Thank you again.
I would highly recommend that you discuss with them any ideas you have, They will come to life!

I can’t wait to plan another piece soon x

Handmade Bespoke Sterling Silver & Gold Meditation Ring by Lulu & Charles Handmade Jewellery uk