Jewellery for Mammy

Since we started LuLu & Charles we’ve steadily designed and developed a range of handmade made jewellery to add to our LuLu & Charles jewellery collection, more than often orchestrated by YOU, our customer, via custom orders and requests…

Our personalised Silver Halo’s are a perfect example of this, (and a LuLu & Charles favorite) a design which has evolved with the help from clients.  Each entwined halo necklace we make is completely personal and unique to it’s owner (usually mummy’s), which is ironic, as when we first started out, it was our dream to design a collection of bespoke personalised jewellery, for mummy’s, to represent the the love and the bond between mother and child.

All our halos are handmade from sterling silver or solid 9ct gold, then precision laser engraved (available in a selection of fonts), with the utmost care and attention to detail. We’re passionate about creating unique handmade jewellery with a personalised twist.

Handmade personalised Sterling Silver Halo Necklace by LuLu & Charles Jewellery

In a short space of time our little business has grown and we have a name locally for bespoke personalised jewellery, handmade in silver & gold.

I’m so proud of everything we have achieved but also very grateful for all the enquiries, messages of support and orders we have received since we started in 2014. Each bespoke order we make leads to another, thanks to friend-­to-­friend referrals and social media, which is great.  As a small business we’ve gained so much confidence and we hope to list a selection of personalised halos to our website in the near future… which you can order via our online shop.

In the meantime if you would like a bespoke piece of Mummy Jewellery designed or a personalised halo necklace designed and made please get in touch HERE, we’d love to help!