Sentimental Jewellery Remodelled

A very special commission from Helen, who requested two handmade personalised heart pendants, for her two daughters, one of which turns 16yrs old this May.

Remodelled from a sentimental silver chain, belonging to Helen’s late husband.

Remodelled jewellery by lulu & charles jewellery county durham uk

Here at LuLu & Charles Jewellery we love to take old, sentimental or inherited jewellery and transforming it into a meaningful piece of jewellery… It’s an amazing and very special thing we can do for our clients.

Remodeling existing gold jewellery is an wonderful process, enabling you to keep the sentiment of the jewellery, while having a new piece of jewellery which you can cherish and wear with pride.

Remodelled jewellery by lulu & charles jewellery, County Durham, England.

Now both daughters can carry a little piece of their Dad’s love with them.

Handmade Personalised Sterling Silver Heart Pendant, Remodelled from Sentimental Silver by LuLu & Charles Jewellery

Our job is so much more than making beautiful handmade jewellery, it’s heart warming to think of the joy these bespoke gifts will bring.

If you have some existing or sentimental jewellery that has been handed down or left to you, we can remodel any precious metal and gemstones to re-create a completely new piece of jewellery. If you like the idea of remodelling a piece of sentimental jewellery please get in-touch HERE.  Our remodelling gallery shows a small selection of ideas, however the possibilities are endless.