Full Moon Wish Charm Necklace

I’m a huge believer of the Universe, Astrology and the idea of working with the cosmic energy and cycle of the Moon to realize our dreams in life…

The Moon has inspired and mystified us for generations, well known for the heightened energy and feelings around the time of the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is a time of extremes, emotionally and otherwise, which can trigger mighty moods that split the day from the night. Have you ever noticed a sense of drama or lack of sleep, during the lead up to a Full Moon?

Sometimes those drama’s can prompt us to address situations in our life, bringing something to a head, making this the perfect time to reflect and focus your intentions to allow yourself time to recharge. Reflecting on what hasn’t worked & how we can make positive changes to move on, grow & bloom, ready for when the cycle of the Moon begins afresh.

Handmade Sterling Silver Full Moon Wishing Charm Necklace by LuLu & Charles Jewellery County Durham UK

This Full Moon Wish Charm Necklace, reflects what we LOVE most about the Moon and the symbolism it represents.

Simple but elegant, our dainty Handmade Sterling Silver, Full Moon Wish Necklace, is symbolic of power and clarity, a reminder of the magical energy the Universe can provide in our daily lives, worn as a little reminder of how big the cosmos is.

The Moon is a constant in a chaotic time, making this Full Moon Necklace the perfect piece of jewellery, to help to stay attuned to the cosmic clock, teaching us to go with the flow and trust the Universe has our back.

Each lunation is a chance to set new goals, and feel closer to the universe, Perfect for those who wish to harness the Moon’s energy to create an enchanted life.

Discover our Handmade Sterling Silver, Full Moon Wish Necklace HERE x