Bespoke Zodiac Star Sign Pendant remodelled from sentimental gold.

This bespoke order for a Handmade Sterling Silver & 9ct Yellow Gold, Diamond Set Leo Star Sign Necklace, was commissioned by Marc.

Looking for a symbolic piece of Astrology jewellery for his Mother.

Remodelled from sentimental gold & gemstones, including brilliant cut Diamonds & a Ruby.

Redefining the concept of personalised zodiac jewellery… our client came to us with a clear design in mind, making this piece even extra special and thoughful.

Marc’s cosmic design is a truly bespoke & personal piece of jewellery, representing the Sun, Moon & Star Sign Leo, and a presure to make.

Handmade Sterling Silver & 9ct Gold Bespoke Zodiac Necklace by Lulu & Charles Jewellery, remodelled from customers sentimental gold jewellery

Handmade Bespoke Sterling Silver & 9ct Yellow Gold Leo Star Sign Necklace, with diamond set constellation, handmade by lulu & charles jewellery uk