Handmade Bespoke Jewellery containing cremation ashes

Working alongside bereaved families to design & make bespoke personal memorial jewellery in memory of a loved one, is always such an honour.

Over the years, we have made some truly special pieces of jewellery, all unique little treasures, highly personalised and bespoke.

Here we have a handmade sterling silver & 9ct yellow gold charm, discretly containing loved ones ashes.


Here we have a gorgeous handmade ring for Marie, remodelled from Marie’s grandparents wedding ring’s, set with their birthstones, containing cremation ashes and personalised with their distinctive handwriting.


We love creating handmade memorial jewellery that can be treasured, it’s our aim to create personalised memorial jewellery to be worn & bring comfort to the wearer.

Here we have a gorgeous order for a Moon & Star Necklace for a mother & daugher, remodelled from sentimental family gold & personalised with a loved one’s fingerprint.



The majoirty of our online collection can be slightly modified to contain a pinch of loved ones cremation ashes.


All our jewellery can be personalised with loved one’s hand writing, finger prints or birthstones…