Memorial Flower Necklace, Set with birthstones and containing loved ones cremation ashes

It’s our aim to create personalised memorial jewellery to be worn & bring comfort to the wearer.

Here we have two piece handmade by Jayne for two sterling silver flower pendants containing a small amount of loved ones ashes and set with birthstones, in memory of a beautiful soul.

The symbolic language of flowers has been recognized for centuries and almost every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers, which is why we believe this to be the perfect way to represent a beloved family member or a treasured pet.

This beautiful memorial necklace containing loved ones ashes is a gentle reminder of all those treasured moments, which will never be forgotten.


This symbolic Forget-me-not flower necklace has been constructed with three individual hand cut layers, with a polished finish, which hangs from a pretty diamond cut trace chain… worn as a sweet reminder of a special loved one, set with an opal birthstone, with ashes carefully set behind the gemstone.


The Poppy is symbolic for many reason’s, traditionally worn as a symbol of remembrance because of it’s ties to World War I and II.  This pretty poppy memorial necklace will be worn in remembrance of a lost hero, set with a blue sapphire birthstone, with ashes carefully set behind the stone.  A beautiful memorial keepsake to keep ashes of a loved one close for many generations to come.

As a designer at heart, I’m emotional, passionate and always full of ideas. So even if you like the idea of a piece of bespoke memorial jewellery but are struggling with ideas, we can help. A tiny spark of an idea can be developed to create keepsakes that are not only beautiful but also practical for everyday living.  Please contact us HERE to discuss further.